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    Action Research Booklet 2017

    By Future DiverCities 4 years ago
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    After one year of Labs production, methodology implementation and results compilation, the Future DiverCities consortium has produced a booklet as a statement of our action research. With the desire to share our achievements, reflection, knowledge retrospectively to Labs and as a natural consequence of this data flow, this booklet was a way to keep a track of this reflection at mid-point of the project life.

    With the support of Citilab in the 3H Methodology implementation within our consortium, Public Art Lab suggested a pattern for Labs organisation and evaluation through the templates, questionnaires and calls directly with each structure . With theses guidelines, the Labs organisers are providing an agile aggregation of this three typologies. In addition, the 3H Methodology has been designed to be scalable on other artistic projects (outside of Future DiverCities framework). Curators of the partnership are users and ambassadors of this methods.

    In parallel, our Action Researches were nourished by the academic and theoretical inputs of the researcher in urban media art  Tanya Toft Ag. The four curatorial topics that constitute the spine of the project (Future DiverCitizens, Future DiverSocieties, Future DiverSystems, Future DiverCities) were enhanced and transpose into guidelines.

    To characterize actions and mindsets generated during the first year of Future DiverCities, the editorial team invited experts from the art scene, city making and innovation to write on their perspectives related to the project values. Simultaneously, the editorial team transposed the 3H methodology and the lab achievements into 5C’s methodology (context, challenge, catalyzation, community, co-creation) to make it more accessible to a large audience.

    On behalf of Future DiverCities, Public Art Lab would like to thank everyone involved in the creation of this booklet, all project partners and authors, Tanya Toft Ag, Cédric Claquin, Darinka Czischke, Teresa Dillon, François Jégou, Charles Landry, Bastian Lange, Laia Sanchez, Virna Setta, Peter Sinclair, and for their precious advice and support: Nuala Morgan at URBACT, Marc Violo and SIX (Social Innovation Exchange), Sylvine Bois-Choussy at La 27ème Région, Christoph Jankowski at the Creative Europe Desk UK, and Corinne Rigaud and Karel Bartak at the European Commission.

    Consult our booklet online here.

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