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    Our Skills



    Future DiverCities will involve a range of activities for artists, members of the local communities, the public and more. The programme will be curated under four holistic themes Future DiverCitizens, Future DiverSocieties, Future DiverStructures, Future DiverSystems.

    Over the course of the programme, events will include
    • a series of 22 labs incubating collaborative artwork in urban context.
    • curated training programmes on community engagement for artists as social agents of change
    • a series of conferences and debates to share and exchange with a wider community of cultural professionals and city players

    The event programme will be supported by and contribute to
    • The creation of innovative digital tools looking closely at the urban environment through various creative processes.
    • Research into new cooperative models for digital artistic distribution in Europe, aiming at fairer economical model for the artists.



    Our labs take different formats but they all act as incubators, creative spaces for experimentation with collaborative artwork, spaces to test, develop and create new ideas. Each community lab, citizen workshop or artistic event will explore the various ways artists and creatives can respond to specific urban challenges, involving residents and communities in the co-creation processes.

    Creative Social Innovation

    Future DiverCities training and workshops aim to train a generation of artists and social players across European cities to deliver long-term community projects that can empower individuals, improve lives and strengthen communities. Training and workshops will offer a special focus for those working with marginalised communities and those with less exposure to mainstream arts and culture, offering an introduction to the impact the arts can have on improving health, well-being and better integration.


    Future DiverCities performances or any kind of public artistic intervention celebrates innovative engagement with the urban space, where arts offer a new outlook to the city, increasing public awareness in artistically occupied urban settings. They encourage audiences to engage differently with the arts work and experience their daily environment from different perspectives.

    Digital Products

    Conferences invite artists, curators, EU partners, policy-makers, cultural and creative organisations and stakeholders from across the sector to discuss ‘Creativity in the Urban Context’, to enrich the resulting Future DiverCities dialogue and influence future-thinking. We want to create a strong new vision, consisting of as many points of view as possible, exploring key thematics that support the conditions for a sustainable and creative urban development, such as inclusive approaches to cultural innovation, alternative economic models or citizens participation.