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    Exploring cities through alternative cultural contents.


    Divercities is an alternative cityguide for the curious ones in the audience. It is an innovative mobile app to discover places and creative experiences in the city around you that match your taste. It offers multimedia recommendations called “capsules” that contain music, videos, video games, articles, podcasts and book abstracts, comics or mangas. There are also stylised radios stations created to suit your mood throughout the day. Represented by markers on the map, capsules are cultural selections associated to an activity or a venue. They offer practical informations and multimedia playlists curated by people around you.
    Go outside, turn on the left, a capsule is waiting for you!

    # Complete your cultural profile: connect DiverCities to your streaming accounts, sharp your profile and discover relevant recommendations.
    # Go off the beaten track thanks to capsules created by local creatives. Why? To show you the hidden cultural treasures around you.
    # Walk around : Divercities offers a new insight to (re)discover your city… Or another one.
    # Support independent artists. Divercities is based on an virtuous economic model: the music tracks of Divercities come from the streaming platform 1D Touch, which is an innovative platform dedicated to independent cultural contents, with a principle of fair remuneration to the artists.
    # Join a coalition of partners
    If for basic user the app is free, the cultural business model is open thanks to a coalition of public institutions (local authorities, tourism offices…) and private partners (cultural venues, transit entities, shops) who commission capsules, using the app Divercities as an innovative, fun and interactive communication tool..
    With the first version of Divercities, capsules are mostly based in France. But, the app will evolve quickly to welcome new functionalities and european capsules. Maybe in your city ?