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    Who are Anja Malec and Katrin Novakovic, the artists of the Baltic Trail Camp?

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    On the occasion of the Baltic Trail Camp the Lab held by the cultural department of the municipality of Liepaja, Anja Malec and Katrin Novakovic will work together as a part of a creative group with 3 experimental electronic music performers and producers from the Baltic Region. From 20 to 28 September, during the experimental electronic music camp,  the artists will produce visual project for the sound performance produced by the baltic music producer. 

    Anja Malec (NO)

    Anja Malec is video artist and VJ. Her primary focus is on the aesthetics of transformative videos. She sees her work as an artistic exploration of digital lifestyle with a close emphasis on questioning the relationship between the phenomenon of poor image and the value of low-quality image in contemporary art. This correspondence, Anja views in the realm of found footage that reflects upon the process of repetition, appropriation, cut/edit as a critical potential of an image in the social and cultural field.

    Katrin Novaković (CRO)

    Katrin Novaković graduated the Film and Video program at the Arts Academy of the University of Split, with her stop-motion animated film. It won the Children’s Prize at the Olympia International Film Festival. In 2017 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with her animated film “Protoplasm” and won two awards. In both films she worked with different musicians. She made two stop motion animated music videos. In 2018 she was a jury member at the Balkanima European Animated Film Festival.