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    Are you a Future DiverCitizen?

    By Future DiverCities 2 years ago
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    Future DiverCities is celebrating its first year. The end of the first programme theme for 2016-2017, Future DiverCitizens is near – and you are invited to join in the celebrations!

    On Wednesday 17 May, join @FutureDCities on Twitter for #FDCitiesChat to discuss everything that a ‘DiverCitizen’ is and can be around the world in Europe, the UK, the US, Canada and beyond. Discuss being a citizen of the world in 2017 and all that entails, from geographical location to country of origin, nationality to diverse nations and how culture, art and politics can bring this all together.

    What time?

    #FDCitiesChat will take place at the following times, depending on where you are in the world. Future DiverCities partner cities are listed in their corresponding time zone.

    1pm – 2pm EDT (Quebec, Canada)
    6pm – 7pm BST (Bristol, UK)
    7pm – 8pm CET (Cornella, Spain; Saint-Etienne, Aix en Provence, France; Berlin, Germany; Zagreb, Croatia, Bergen, Norway)
    8pm – 9pm EEST (Kuopio, Finland; Liepaja, Latvia)

    The full discussion will be in English. Discussion themes will be announced in May.