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    Are you Future DiverCitizen? Twitter Chat: themes & questions

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
    Home  /  Portfolio Item  /  Are you Future DiverCitizen? Twitter Chat: themes & questions

    Join us and share your opinions and perspectives on citizens, culture and cities. You do not need to tag Future DiverCities in each tweet, simply use the hashtag #FDCitiesChat.

    • What To Do?
    – Quote questions and share them with your audience
    – Answer questions with A1 for Q1, A2 for Q2 etc
    – Feel free to answer questions from your personal accounts, as well as your organisation account
    – Use #FDCitiesChat in your replies

    • You can reply to questions in two ways:
    – Reply to the account @FutureDCities starting with A1 for Q1, A2 for Q2 etc, and end the tweet with #FDCitiesChat
    – Quote the relevant question. Start the tweet with A1 for Q1 etc, and end the tweet with #FDCitiesChat

    First 15 mins – 00:00-00:15
    What is a Future DiverCitizen?

    Q1: How do you see your place in the world? What opportunities are available to you?

    Q2: What kind of diversity are you aware of in your city? What kinds of diversity are you ‘not’ aware of? [A tricky one!]

    Q3: How can society and the city benefit from diverse & creative projects engaging citizens, DiverCitizens?

    Second 15 mins – 00:15-00:30
    The Cultural Citizen

    Q4: So you are a citizen and diverse (go with us here). Why do you attend and engage in cultural events?

    Q5: What is the value of stimulating ‘the cultural citizen’? What gets your attention?

    Third 15 mins – 00:30-0:45
    Citizenship and Politics

    Q6: How can citizens in your country or city be involved in democracy today? Has your involvement changed after recent events?

    Q7: Looking at citizens as diverse, how can the DiverCitizen develop new ways of engaging between politics and culture?

    Fourth 15 mins – 00:45-00:60
    Citizen Participation: Diversity of Engagement

    Q8: Do you go to events in your city? Take this Twitter poll on types of event from culture, politics, charity, sports

    Q9: Think about your participation at events. Do you think the citizen as the audience adds value just by being there?

    Q10: How would you define ‘Future DiverCitizen’? Are you a Future DiverCitizen?

    Thank You

    Thank you for joining us, all of you Future DiverCitizens!
    With thanks to Tanya Toft, leading academic in contemporary urban media art, who assisted in the curation of this Twitter chat. Find out more about Tanya and her research on her website,