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    Citliab 10th anniversary with one week of co-creation in Cornellà

    By Future DiverCities 2 years ago
    Home  /  Portfolio Item  /  Citliab 10th anniversary with one week of co-creation in Cornellà

    At the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Citilab,  the digital innovation laboratory celebrated its birthday from  6 to 12 November 2017 with the Co-creation week.

    The goal of this event was to share the Citilab laboratory vision on activating citizens in co-creation processes. Citilab team invited 4 local artists (Jordi Rocosa, Concentrica, Contorno Urbano, Juan Carlos Calvo) and 4 international artists (Michael Ang, Iva Curić, Anthony Pillette aka Fenshu, Pfitzenmaier) to co-create together around different artistic fields such as: new media and urban art, sound design, music and comics. An open doors event has been held at the Citilab venue in order to share the previously co-created projects and co-creation activities with the citizens of Cornellà.

    In parallel, Citilab team organised a work session on methodologies of co-creation in cultural innovation policies. To achieve this, Citilab invited members of the consortium, delegates, artists and local experts to take part in seven round tables:

    • Public policies and new cultural models
    • Artists co-creation and urban space
    • Cities laboratories, creative cities
    • Cultural festival, free culture
    • The new cultural models and school
    • Urban Media art. New Career Opportunities
    • Best practices for cultural ecosystem

    Have look to our photo-report below: