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    Enter into the science of [ space ] with Lab #5 in Bergen, Norway

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
    Home  /  Portfolio Item  /  Enter into the science of [ space ] with Lab #5 in Bergen, Norway

    From Kuopio, to Berlin and to Marseille, the Future DiverCities programme continues its journey with the fifth lab in Bergen, Norway initiated by the organisation, BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts. Its title ?

    the physics and metaphysics of_________________________________________distance“.

    The BEK team will explore this intriguing theme over a week, from 21st to 28th May, with participants, artists and facilitators, looking at what happens in the travel between Micro and Macro.

    If you are not a Physics expert, the theme may sound a little unclear. But don’t make any assumptions! With ‘Zoom’ by Istvan Banyai as inspiration, BEK offer time to reflect on the space between the large and the small, to examine distance, both close-up and faraway, and our perception of it. At a time when society is incessantly invaded by data generated by Internet uses, and a more and more gathering of the citizens movements, the artists will explore the size of data content, the speed of a signal, and how the city of Bergen is seen from space. Using technology made for capturing scaled information like drone cameras and microscope cameras, participants will create work using collaborative processes and research further developments. The Lab, led by artist Anne Marthe Dyvi, will provide talks and text for inspiration by scholars in several disciplines.  All prepared materials and knowledge provided will have its focus point in the physics and metaphysics of distance.

    Participants, artists and facilitators will look at the extreme approaches to distance and space and the use of data and how it can be artistically interpreted to influence our relationship to cities.

    The invited artists all have in their work shown the ability to put important topics about our time and society under the loupe, and disseminate them in public. Their artistic practices are characterized by cooperation, and dedication to topics like light pollution, gentrification, the disappearing of farmland and general ‘togetherness’. Through the week of the LAB, they will function as a research team where the big and the small of our contemporary time will be the subject of thinking and exploration.

    BEK has invited two local Bergen artists and two international artists from Kuopio and Berlin for this week of creative and scientific exploration. To discover who are they, please click here.