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    Future DiverCities Presented to Bristol Artists

    By Future DiverCities 12 months ago
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    Future DiverCities in Bristol

    On Friday 26 May, while Bergen hosted their Lab Open Day, Superact presented Future DiverCities to Bristol artists at the Pervasive Media Studio’s Lunchtime Talk.

    Held on Friday afternoons, the Lunchtime Talk showcases creativity, digital design innovation in Bristol. Eleanor Pender, Future DiverCities UK Comms Lead talked about the artistic work and labs held in the project so far in a talk titled The Art and Culture of Changing Cityscapes.

    Representing Superact and Future DiverCities in Pervasive Media Studio, Eleanor Pender commented, “There is so much potential for Future DiverCities in Bristol, and so much that Bristol artists can contribute to the Future DiverCities network. The Lunchtime Talk was an ideal opportunity to present the artistic activity in a concise way and to introduce Bristol artists to the ideas and potential there could be in the future.”

    PHOTO: The Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol’s Watershed. Photo by Paul Blakemore

    Based in the Watershed in the Bristol Harbour, Pervasive Media Studio is a co-creative work space that hosts a community of over 100 artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. The Superact Future DiverCities team applied to join in the space earlier this year and are now working to bring the UK activity for Future DiverCities closer to Bristol artists.

    Future DiverCities in London

    Future DiverCities also has a new London base with Project Lead Laetitia Manach now working from urban innovation centre, Future Cities Catapult in Clerkenwell, London.

    On Laetitia Manach commented, “It is brilliant progression for Future DiverCities to work from Pervasive Media Studio and Future Cities Catapult. Both spaces offer amazing potential to reach like-minded city making projects, creatives, digital artistic innovation and much more. The exciting part is that we’re only just into the second year of the project. There’s so much more yet to come!”