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    Interludes – Act 2 – Andris Vētra – Multihouse – Liepāja

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    From 21 to 24 October 2020, Liepaja Culture department organises a light festival Illuminated Liepaja. As the second concluding  act of Future DiverCities, our Latvian partner curated a story installation called “Multihouse”.

    The installation will represent the stories of nine people, raising public awareness of social diversity. The stories will be created by residents of Liepaja representing various nationalities, diverse lifestyles and different age groups, including representation of the everyday life of people with special needs. The main objective for this story installation is to encourage people of Liepaja to be a part of a more cohesive society that does not shape their attitudes and views on different groups of society based on negative stereotypes. The story installation “Multihouse” wants to encourage people to always show respect for fellow human beings, to be more educated and understanding of the diversity of society in all its dimensions. Taking into account the current situation in the world and Liepajas inhabitants difficulties to accept and welcome diverse populations in the city, Liepaja Culture department wants to show the plurality of social groups living side by side in Liepaja.
    For three days, every evening, the local residents and city guests will be able to view the illuminated Liepāja and walk the specially designed route of lights and illuminations.

    Artists involved:

    • Andris Vētra

    • Rainers Kornhubers: light production

    • Sense Media: video production

    • Ainars Ronis: production of story installation