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    Kontejner invites young professionals to a cultural management course

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    From 14th to 23rd September 2019, our Croatian partner, Kontejner will welcome its fourth and last lab framed into a new educational programme for young cultural workers.


    The programme is directed towards planning and production of large-scale, complex cultural events. During the 10 days of education, the programme encompasses multiple levels – from project management, technical production and curatorial work, to finances and marketing.

    All participants will gain their theoretical and practical knowledge by working in real-time, on a real project – our Extravagant Bodies: Extravagant Love festival taking place in Zagreb, in September 2019.

    Learning both theory and practice through the case-study example of this renowned festival, the participants will meet and work with over 30 international and local artists and cultural workers.


    The programme is designed for a small international group of 5 young and motivated cultural workers (project managers, curators, production managers etc.) pursuing practical work experience on large cultural events. Kontejner will deliver a certificate for the beneficiaries at the end of the programme.


    – Practical education of young cultural workers through networking and hands-on work engaging international experts from diverse fields: curators, artists, managers, technical directors, PR etc.,
    – Mentorship of a small group of participants: building up the teamwork skills, individualized approach, flexibility and multiple feedback opportunities,
    – High efficiency in knowledge transfer through collective efforts of experienced and young cultural workers from different countries,
    – Professional development and expert training through learning-by-doing methodology,
    – Building up capacities of young local cultural workers.


    – Professional experience of working on a concrete art festival of high complexity,
    – Intensive engagement with a large and efficient production team, along with development of management skills, collaboration between sectors and collective implementation of activities,
    – Direct participation in production of events on multiple levels,
    – Hands-on work regarding the central international festival exhibition and additional programme (conference, workshops, performances),
    – Mentorship by diverse established artists and experts from Croatia and abroad,
    – Development of teamwork skills and interpersonal communication in tackling challenging and unexpected situations.