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    Three is the magic number: Lab #3 & Launch Event – Marseille

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    No doubt about it, the Future DiverCities launch event was as wonderful as the Public Art Lab/Digital Calligraffiti warm-up in Berlin. On 29th January, our partner Seconde Nature and ZINC, based in the converted cultural complex La Friche De La Belle de Mai, welcomed the Future DiverCities Launch.

    At the heart of the programme was engagement with the urban landscape. The Chroniques Festival and its artistic ‘parcours’ or guided walk, titled Révélations, took visitors and partners on an exploration of artistic work across the city, with labs, artistic performances and ending with the City Lights Orchestra between Marseille and Berlin. More on this later.

    The Chroniques team can be really proud of their work. Around 25,000 visitors came into the city to explore the Révélations parcours. At the same time, les Dimanches de La Canebière, a month-long street festival organized by Marseille City Hall, offered a space to test the DiverCities app and its artistic content, tailored to Marseille especially for the event.

    Want to know more? We’ve all the details below, check this out:

    La Friche de Belle Lumière

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    At the end of January, Seconde Nature and ZINC hosted a focused artistic lab in La Friche de la Belle de Mai, a converted former tobacco factory space. Inspired by the City Lights Orchestra project of the artist Antoine Schmitt, the labs invited ten participants to create a series of connected and open-source lamps over five days. Taking the concept of technology coordinating and controlling light, the lab was based on the concept of an illuminating participatory piece of art involving members of the public. With artists Antoine Schmitt and Damien Gernay close by, the participants created four special ‘lamps’ during the Launch for the Révélations.


    A Tale of Two Cities: Marseille and Berlin



    On 29 January two artistic performances combined as one European event, connecting Marseille and Berlin. With the participation of Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin and the inhabitants of Labourdettes Towers in Marseille, the City Lights Orchestra project of Antoine Schmitt glowed simultaneously in the two cities. The visual symphony for the city’s windows was streamed live via Periscope from both cities and after nightfall, Labourdettes Towers and the Collegium Hungaricaum shone out of the night sky, tall kaleidoscopes of colour and sound in unison.

    The Infl3ctor projector technology, designed by the artists and engineer Michael Ang and the calligraffiti artist Hamza Abu Ayyash for the Digital Calligraffiti Camp was used during the performance to send messages between the two cities. Calligraffiti artworks were digitally recorded in one city and live-projected on the other. The performance created a unique bridge between the Aix-Marseille University and the WAU Café-Berlin, thanks to the participation of artists Hamza Abu Ayyash and Drury Brennan in Berlin and to Michael Ang and Ahmed Naguib in Marseille.


    DiverCities App: ‘Capsules’ as an hybrid hymn to Marseille

    In 2017, la Canebière, this famous avenue of Marseille, celebrated its 90th birthday. For the occasion, our partner 1D Lab invited the visitors to download the first prototype version of its free app DiverCities and try it along the avenue. In this innovative way, DiverCities revealed the hidden treasures of la Canebière and its surrounding areas with ‘Capsules’. As map markers, Capsules reveal multicultural content to the user, content such as music, video, articles, all linked to a place, location or an event where the user is standing. More than a simple city guide, DiverCities is based on recommendation technology that provide its user with targeted cultural content. In addition, DiverCities supports the creation and fair remuneration to artists and it will be available soon in many European cities. So, what are you waiting for?

    ► Download DiverCities for iOS.

    ►Download DiverCities for Android.

    Please note, the first test version of the DiverCities App is in French.


    A huge thank you to everyone on the Future DiverCities Launch team