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    Last lab for ANTI Festival: a conclusive examination of the main critical issues of Future Divercities

    By Future DiverCities 11 months ago
    Home  /  Portfolio Item  /  Last lab for ANTI Festival: a conclusive examination of the main critical issues of Future Divercities

    Our Finnish partner, ANTI Festival hosts its fourth and Lab in Kuopio before and during the festival! Between 02 and 15  September 2019, the Lab will be based in an ‘Urban Room’ – a pop-up store in the centre of town – which will act as a space for people to meet, make and discuss. It can be used and visited by other local artists, festival artists and the public.

    In the Lab, artists from different artistic backgrounds and around the globe work together in the frame work of the Future DiverCities project, in relation to each other, the local environment and community, sharing practices and engaging members of the community in artistic interventions.

    The 2019 Lab artists are Kattrin Deufert (DE), Kim Modig (FI), Lara Thoms (AU) and Martin Finnland (AT).

    The Lab is hosted by ANTI in partnership with creative facilitators of The Map Consortium (UK) and artists local to Kuopio; Veera Launonen and Lauri Hei.



    Kim Modig is an artist living in Helsinki. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies from the Theatre Academy in 2009. Modig is part of the Biitsi duo and the Orker communications agency.








    Kattrin Deufert (DE) is one half of the artistic duo deufert&plischke. The works of deufert&plischke focus on time, memory, myth, and how we should live together. As an artistic duo for more than 17 years, they have adhered to the radical notion that choreography can build society, not merely illustrate it. Thus, collaboration and participation are central themes in deufert&plischke’s methodology, process and performance: in their multi-faceted work, be it a choreographic concert, lecture, or exhibition, theatre takes place only insofar as it can be knit together by everyone – artists and spectators – in the moment of performance. Choreography thus becomes a social activity, not determined by aesthetic principles, but by existential and philosophical concepts such as war and peace, freedom and truth. Theater as a social situation – from the common rehearsal to the performance – is the driving force of deufert&plischke’s choreographic form and artistic expression. They author their works collectively.

    The theatre of the Berlin based artistwin deufert&plischke interweaves the sensuous with the intellectual through the immediacy of body, voice and community. It unfolds as a landscape of choice and commitment for all, where the political is inherent to the act of theatre, and where art is defended as necessary excess. In their unrelenting search for expanded notions of (social) choreography, deufert&plischke have also recently turned their attention to letter-writing – a nostalgic medium for digital times, a once-private activity made public. In August 2019 they premier their new dance piece »Liebestod« in the frame of the Berlin dance festival »Tanz im August«.


    Lara Thoms (AU) is a queer artist interested in socially engaged, site-specific and participatory possibilities in contemporary art and performance. Her collaborative feminist work Before the Siren with Hannah Gadsby, Snapcat and 500 women from recreational clubs was commissioned for Perth International Arts Festival. Lara worked with child activists and asylum seeker children trapped on Nauru to create We all Know What’s Happening’ with Samara Hersch which has gone on to tour to Theatrespektakle and Nooderzen festivals 2019. Lara was an artistic associate with Aphids since 2012 before taking up the co-directorship. She has also been part of artist collective Field Theory for a decade, creating the site-specific, durational work. Recently she was commissioned to make a course for high school students on socially engaged art for the Museum of Contemporary Art. She is currently based in NYC, USA.






    Herr Finnland  was born in 1982 into a half Austrian half Finnish family and was raised in Salzburg / Austria. After studying in Salzburg he worked as a production manager for Europe’s biggest HIV & AIDS Charity Event the Viennese Life Ball, where he was involved in the opening show. In 2011 he found with a very playful approach the Viennese Immersive Theatre formation Nesterval. Today Herr Finnland’s Nesterval ensemble consists of more than 40 members including performances, (trained and not-trained) actors, dancers and musicians, who embody the story of the Nesterval dynasty in various formations and roles. As director and producer he makes sure that Nesterval also turns the viewer into an integral part of the performance, inviting all of us to ask heavy questions with a disarming lightness and seek for answers in the unlikeliest of places. Beyond the traditional and institutionalised theatre business Herr Finnland works with performers coming mainly from the queer community, and finds new possibilities and expressions in which gender roles and conventions are shifted and broken.





     Veera Launonen (b.1989) is a Kuopio based visual artist who works with moving image, sound and photography. Through her works, she explores the changes and the transience of her own living environment. She uses old photographs and videos as well as recycled or found objects as material. Launonen has been working with her partner Ilkka Martti Kivelä since 2014. Their collaborations have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions, as well as festivals in Finland and abroad. This year, their works will be seen for example in Lappeenranta Art Museum and Gallery Rajatila in Tampere.







    Lauri Hei (FI) is a poet, visual artist and software developer living in Kuopio. Hei’s works are often based on minimalism, conceptual art, constraints and randomness. He often utilizes visual errors and glitch aesthetics of corrupted video and image files. As a poet he is interested in contemporary experimental and digital poetry.