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    Our artist lab in Zagreb and The Invisible Around Us

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    Our Croatian partner Kontejner is now ready to open the door of the 5th edition of the Touch Me Festival. Welcomed by the civic space Pogon Jedinstvo as well as our Future DiverSocieties lab, the curatorial theme this year subtitled The Invisible Around Us.

    In parallel, Kontejner will welcome 07/10/2017 a symposium composed of aFuture DiverCities delegation: François Vallée, La Chambre Blanche Coordinator (CA), Anne Marthe Dyvi artists and project manager at BEK (NO), Elisa Itkonen, festival Manager at ANTI Festival (FI), and Ali Smith Chief Executive at Superact! (UK). During the conference, our representatives will expose their work and perspectives within the project and will create an echo to the theme The Invisible Around Us.

    Between 9th – 13th October, the first Lab organised by Kontejner will unite local and foreign artists in Pogon. Over five days, the artists will focus on exploring this prior industrial zone and its effects on the neighbourhood. Starting point for the Lab process is raising awareness and elevating consciousness about benefits and shortcomings of industrialization and technology development on the local residents and further.

    What changes did the rise and fall of the industrial zone bring to the life of local people, how did it affect the urban structure of the neighbourhood – how can we address what is missing, what can we rethink and advance? What are the similarities with current trends and overall usage of technology? Can we predict the possible consequences it will have on our local communities, urban structure, even daily habits in the future?

    By joining their different set of skills and backgrounds, artists will together explore and communicate ideas and possibilities of how to address, express, visualize and point out to the technological pollution that is each day even more present in our lives, while revitalizing the factory space through the process.

    Through the outcome of the Lab (whether it will it an art installation, a workshop and/or a performance), artists will provide a long-lasting personal experience for the audience (local community and wider) with the goal of educating and referring to more intelligent use of technology in the future. Stay tuned for the lab results!


    Ivana Franke (HR/DE)

    Ivana Franke is a visual artist based in Berlin.In her works, she investigates the interface between perception, cognition and the environment, focusing on perceptual thresholds. Her most recent exhibition, Retreat into Darkness. Towards a Phenomenology of the Unknown, is currently on view at the Ernst Schering Foundation in Berlin. Other projects include Disorientation Station (11th Shanghai Biennale) and Seeing with Eyes Closed (Peggy Guggenheim, Venice, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin). She represented Croatia at the 52nd Venice Biennial with the solo exhibition Latency, and at the 9th Venice Architecture Biennial. Other exhibitions include Manifesta 7, and MoMa P.S.1
    Franke often uses ambiguous visual phenomena and arresting spatial structures, which she delicately orchestrates to expose disjunctions and offer unexpected connections within the spatiotemporal matrix we inhabit. These works are the profound challenge to our habitual perception and understanding of the environment. Drawing from a wide range of disciplines like neuroscience, mathematics, optics and architecture Franke redirect photons and confuse the gaze, host ghosts, multiply spaces and make what is not there to appear.

    Lightune.G (HR) – Bojan Gagić and Miodrag Gladović

    Bojan Gagic is a multimedia artist working internationally in the sphere of sound art and field recordings. Parallelly to working as a technical director for theatre, film and music festivals. His work also includes music for short experimental films, together with light and sound design for many theatre plays. He is the author of experimental films (some of them in the collection of Academia Cravatica and the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb). He is the co-founder of the Zagreb platform for new sound expressions Sinelinea.

    Miodrag Gladovic is an engineer in electroacoustics, musician, music producer and multimedia artist. As a musician he is heavily involved in the underground music scene. Based on DIY ethics Gladovic co-founded the independent record label Moonlee Records. Since 2010 his work is more related to experimental and improvised music and multimedia art. Gladovic performs solo with his audio-visual project Packmess GP (Grains & Particles), exploring new forms of musical expression.

    Kjersti Sundland

    Kjersti is using the sound and video material to create a kind dialog between performer, the artistic material/object and the viewer. Through installations and performances, she is interested to draw attention to affective and embodied spectatorship, and using video and sound materials in ways opposed to creating a narrative or illusionistic space, and to create an experience where the viewer become aware of their own affective and cognitive processes and responses. By focusing on participation of the viewer, she wants the work to draw attention on ways sound and video can activate and organize the viewing space beyond the screen.

    In her work, she is interested in the psychological aspects of how we perceive, communicate and navigate in our environments, and to questions how the omnipresence of screens and electronic devises today inform and changes our corporeality. By making use of own sound and video, live or recorded material and found footage, she is exploring ways to engage with sound and moving image as a material for interaction and re-appropriation. The work is often presented as live performances and installations, where she is deconstructing the original narratives, duration, or manipulation of original recordings. Kjersti works often in close collaboration with other artists and musicians.