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    The Liepaja Social Innovation Forum in three acts

    By Future DiverCities 2 years ago
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    Between 20th and 29th September 2019, our Latvian partner, the municipality of Liepaja held a plurality of interdisciplinary events.  We picked our three favourite  moments for this review!

    1) The project Future Change

    Future Change aims at including, encouraging and educating social groups that are living on the margin of the society by helping positive social change. The concept is developed by Dirty Deal Audio and in order to give, for the first time in their life, the seniors the opportunity to see and experience the virtual reality world and to discover how the city of Liepaja looks like today. George Jirgens, head of the cultural department of the city declared “Seniors are not the first group that comes to mind when we talk about virtual reality technology, but as experience shows around the world, a virtual reality becomes a useful tool for many, even older people, also create positive change. Such example of the world, where with the help of virtual reality, developed motor and mental skills, prevent attention from unnecessary pain and even pre-diagnosis diseases, confident us that you also have to enter virtual reality in Liepaja,”

    The project Future Change has been developed by the new media artist Paula Ostupe and the project manager Nora Sudmale.

    📷 Photo by: Ritvars Sprogis

    2) The Baltic Electronic Music Gathering: one Lab and a few workshops and performances 

    The Baltic Trail Camp is organized by Dirty Deal Audio (DDA), an NGO which supports the independent multi-genre underground music scene of Latvia. Baltic Trail (BT) is a gathering of electronic music producers and musicians – a creative camp and a mini showcase festival. The main goal of the gathering is to encourage forward-thinking of young music creators from the Baltic region.

    During a week, nine music producers were invited to share knowledge, create and network within each other. Two visual artists took part in the co-creation process in order to provide a platform for audio-visual performance showcased during the restitution of the Lab.

    Participants to the camp: Multilux (LV), Evija Vebere (LV), MNTHA (LV), Jack Valery (LV), ELLIP (EE), Karkasas (LT), Morning (LT), Ruta MUR (LT) and DNA performance (LT),

    Visual artists: Anja Malec (NO) and Katrin Novaković (HR)

    3) The conferences and pannels

    Organized by culture department of Liepaja, the Social Innovation Forum welcomed 21 experts, all representatives of the public and private sector from different fields (education, media, creative industry, politic etc.). The main guidance of the was the link between citizens and public organizations, with a deep reflection on the city attractiveness and the new methods to attract people and develop culture. The chairman of the city council, Gunars Ansins presented Liepaja case study with inputs regarding the city’s creativity, infrastructure, diversity and the current projects on development. Our project director Laetitia Manach was invited to present Future DiverCities and its main spheres of action. Madara Ūlande, social entrepreneur and member of the Latvian Social Business Association board gave a talk on the city change through the prism of social innovation can. The young climate activist, Līga gave also speech entitled “I Want to be Future. Story of Youngster”. The Social Innovation Forum continued during the afternoon two parallel sessions: one focused on the theme ” city “, while the other called  explored the notion  of ” residents “.