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    Structure in Focus #2: 1D Lab

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
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    After the first ‘Structure in Focus’, in March, about our Berlin partner Public Art Lab, the time has come to talk about streaming, alternative city-guide and design thinking. This is to say, our second #FDCFocus for April focused on 1D Lab, one of our two French partners.

    • Future DiverCities: What is 1D Lab?
    1D Lab: We are a cooperative society of collective interest (SCIC) and a smartup that offers a shared governance to the benefit of common goods. The cooperative project was initiated by two administrators of the federation of independent labels CD1D: Cédric Claquin and Éric Petrotto.

    • FDC: What are the services or the products provided by 1D Lab?
    1D Lab: The two flagship products founded by 1D Lab’s company are: 1D touch the first multimedia platform and Divercities app, an alternative city guide.

    • What do you mean by multimedia platform?
    1D Lab: 1D touch is today the first worldwide fair trade multimedia platform dedicated to independent contents. That is mean that you can find on 1D touch: music, books, comics, videos and video games. All these contents on the same platform. It is based on an innovative business model and fairer for cultural content creators (artists, producers): territorial creative contribution (CTC). Faced with globalized offers, it intends indeed re-territorialize economic logic as much as dynamic prescription and discovery. 1D touch is therefore a global experiment – both multidisciplinary and multi- territorial – in search of an alternative and sustainable economic model.

    •FDC: Tell us more about Divercities app…
    1D Lab: The first iteration was a French app called Réserve Déboussolée. When developing the concepts of Future DiverCities, the 1D Lab team thought of incorporating some new creative elements and functionalities in the existing app to enrich it and to expand it at European level to become one of the key digital product of Future DiverCities: a unique tool to propose localised alternative multimedia playlists that are inspired by the diversity of the urban environments and their communities.

    • FDC: If you had to describe 1D Lab in 6 numbers, what would they be?

    1D Lab: 

    1 multimedia platform: 1D touch
    71 000 1D touch Users
    1 mobile app: Divercities
    300 capsules (cultural contents inside the app)
    5 offices in Saint-Étienne, Lyon, Paris, Marseille and Brussels.
    30 collaborators

    • FDC: Already 30 collaborators… To know them better, give us one original fact about the 1D Lab team.
    1D Lab: The 1D Lab team is a huge consumer of Postit. We are using them for each kind of task and in so many situations!

    • FDC: Now tell us you secret to relax during the working hour…

    1D Lab: In the 1D Lab Saint-Étienne office you can take a swinging respite… It’s a good way to not take the life too seriously and to keep in mind that we are all big childs.


    • FDC: What skills do 1D Lab bring to the Future DiverCities Project?
    1D Lab: 1D Lab Lab brings into Future DiverCities design thinking, user centric methodologies and digital tools as a cultural showcase of our partnership.

    • FDC: Saint-Étienne seems to be a really nice city. What are 1D Lab’s Must See places?
    1D Lab: Yes it is. Here the 3 best cultural venues in Saint-Étienne. For more information, get DiverCities app. You will find capsules about them:
    ► The modern music concert hall Le Fil.
    ► La Cité du Design , a space for higher education, R&D and promotion of art & design.
    ► The Musée d’Art & d’Industrie of Saint-Étienne. Its collection displays every day items of art & industry.

    • FDC: To finnish, what is the 1D lab motto? The sentence that brings together all the collaborators?

    1D Lab: Maybe our baseline: “Innovation, Cultures & Territory”.