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    The City without Cars: artistic lab between Québec and Aix-en-Provence

    By Future DiverCities 1 year ago
    Home  /  Portfolio Item  /  The City without Cars: artistic lab between Québec and Aix-en-Provence

    After a first residency in Québec in La Chambre Blanche last December, the artists Peter Sinclair and Owen Chapman will continue their experimentation in Aix en Provence from 17/02/2018 until 06/03/2018. A City Without Car is a participatory installation that focuses on mobility in urban areas and data of travelers uses. With the supervision of Seconde Nature, the two artists will be settled at the GMEM-CNCM in Marseille at la Friche de la Belle de Mai and get the support of the French cluster Thecamp

    • Artistic Statement from Peter Sinclair and Owen Chapman:  We are thinking about urban soundscape and eliminating the omnipresence of vehicular noise : The concept is utopian in the sense that it is a projection of a harmonious city without cars. It is also pragmatique since this approach will also allow us to select more musically interesting audio as original material.”

    • Scenario: Multiple participants start off from different geographical points – the limits of a given area of the city- and make their way to the venue. The performance score consists of their different trajectories as they converge on the performance space. The installation space is set up as an immersive, relaxing environment organized in a circular arrangement with multiple screens, set up as if windows onto a virtual space (using New Atlantis) Optionally, this might be completed with an overhead projection of a different nature (on the ceiling). Speakers are set up around this arrangement in a 7.1 surround or 8 point sound spatialization system. The screens create a discontinuous 360 degrees panorama of virtual space, an abstraction of the town/city with the exhibition space placed in its centre.

    • Technical settings: 

    ► Virtual world called New Atlantis from the majority of the programming is realized with Unity3d.

    ► A mobile audio application with functionalities of geolocalisation, audio streaming, recording and file transfers to database.

    ► Pd (Pure Data).

    • Audience participation: Different types of audiences (broad public, professionals) will be involved in the creative process of the installation through a co-design participation with the artist. The co-created artwork will be tested and discussed by students, researchers and makers (Hivers promotion, resident et Thecamp).

    More information about the lab are coming soon. Meanwhile, please check this page (French version only) to know more about City Without Cars.